At DC Event Medical we are proud to be firm supporters of equality and equal rights for all, as well as supporting charities through our work . As many of our staff belong to the LGBTQ+ community this is something very close to our hearts and as such, our staff are issued with rainbow laces for their work boots as part of their uniform. LGBTQ+ staff and allies are also issued pin badges to be work on uniform shirts or kit bags as preferred.

We also offer our clients to add charitable donations to their bills by rounding to the nearest £, ££ or £££, this is entirely at the discretion of the client and there is no obligation to donate. At the end of each quarter, our finance officer submits a donation to the chosen charity for that quarter, our clients are aware of the charity when we ask if they wish to donate. These charities will be primarily LGBTQ+ support groups, however, there will be chosen charities for supporting young people with mental health issues, children with troubled childhoods, Great Ormond Street Hospital  and other worth-while groups. At the end of every quarter, once the donations have been submitted to the charity, we will send confirmation of the donation to everyone who participated and credit them on our webpage.