COViD-19 Response

Early 2020 saw a rapid change in daily life, social life and business life for the majority of the population of the world, let alone the UK. 

“Coronavirus or COViD-19” is a respiratory illness from the SARS family of viruses. Please see WHO and PHE websites for more information. 

How does this affect Event Medical Cover and Response? 

Very rapidly, all providers, private and NHS had to change practices to facilitate some resemblance of normality when it came to daily running, this meant that changes to staffing, Personal Protective Equipment and policies had to be implemented. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

All DC Event Medical LTD Staff will be provided with the appropriate level of PPE required for their shifts. PPE is divided into Level 2 and Level 3. 

Level 2 PPE is for usual day to day patient contact. 
Level 3 PPE is for where there is a possibility of having to carry out an Aerosol Generating Procedure such as Life Support or Suctioning. 


DC Event Medical LTD has a robust cleaning policy in place (which is available upon request), this details how and when equipment, surfaces etc should be cleaned, what with and how often. 


Staff will be screened upon arrival by way of temperature checking and a symptom questionnaire. Any staff member presenting with symptoms will be isolated and tested (if available).